ENTango is where Western European chamber music meets Latin American Tango.

Formed in 2012 at the Ulverston International Music Festival, ENTango offer a new take on the relationship between musicians and dancers in that they intermingle and become ENTangled on stage. The intimacy and powerful energy of chamber music fuses with the passion and sensuality of Tango. Rather than being incidental to the dance, the trio of musicians are placed in the centre of the visual action, and the dancers weave their steps around them and touch shoulder to shoulder amidst the moving sound waves.

The spiritual core of ENTango is Argentinian Bandoneonist Eduardo Garcia who writes his own arrangements of Piazzolla and other Tango composers. He is joined by world-class musicians David Le Page and Anthony Hewitt who both hail from the Yehudi Menuhin School.

Eduardo Garcia, bandoneon; David Le Page, violin; Anthony Hewitt, piano; Miriam Orcutt & Dante Culcuy, dancers