Resemblances & Realisations

Chopin left an indelible impression on Skryabin, and this is strikingly evident in the Russian composer's early compositions. His set of twenty-four Preludes Op. 11 are very much influenced by Chopin's own twenty-four Op. 28; they are ordered in the same key sequence as Chopin's, and many bear an uncanny resemblance. Anthony Hewitt brings a fascinating comparative survey to the platform by juxtaposing Chopin and Skryabin Preludes in their corresponding keys.

Each of Skryabin's Preludes Op. 11 were signed off from a European city where Skryabin had been touring as a virtuoso pianist; a musical postcard of sorts. Mussorgsky wrote musical realisations of paintings of his friend Viktor Hartmann, depicting scenes from everyday Russian life. The pictures were shown in an Exhibition curated by Mussorgsky and mutual friend and critic Vladimir Stasov after the artist's premature death.

Contemporary artist Klara Smith has drawn ten contemporary takes on each scene/movement in the form of exquisite paper cut-outs. These wonderful works of art have been converted to digital format and unique animated tours are displayed during the musical performance.

*There is the option to exhibit Klara Smith's Pictures at an Exhibition, and for a narration of Vladimir Stasov's description of Hartmann's Pictures.