Concert Diary - 2011

Below is a list of Venues, Festivals and other performances from 2011:

St Paul's, Kew - Recital
Cockermouth Music Society
Mansfield with Emma Johnson
Carlisle - North Cumbria Recitals
Worthing Symphony Orchestra
Canterbury Music Club with Emma Johnson
Forge Venue, London
Recitals on Queen Victoria (Mediterranean)
Dubai Concert Committee - Dimension Trio
Rothamsted Manor
Wendover Music society
Ribble Valley Internation Piano Week - Recital
Torridon Community Hall, Scotland
Ars Antonina, France
New York Cruise
Leeds College of Music - Recital
Matlock Music Society Emma Johnson
Windsor - Dimension Trio
Champs Hill, Sussex - Dimension Trio
St Paul's, Chiswick - Recital
Recital with Tatjana Masurenko at the Royal Academy of Music
Master classes Ulverston Festival Academy
Cruise on Silver Sea - Dubai to Cochin, India